Advanced Forex Autoresponder Strategies


Forex is a hypercompetitive market that requires sophisticated marketing strategies to stay ahead. One of the best marketing tools for a Forex marketer is a well-planned and executed autoresponder program.

Email autoresponders make it easy to collect subscribers and send them a series of emails over a period of time. In essence, an answering machine is the next marketing program that brings and forgets that will lead to sales over time.

This article will highlight specific tactics that a Forex marketer can use to create a successful autoresponder program.

Create signatures for profit

Most answering machines allow you to easily create signatures. The service will automatically cancel a lead from one list and add it to another based on a trigger – such as a purchase.

In marketing circles you will hear the empirical rule “Money is on the list” which is absolutely correct. Even more profitable is the money that is in the leaflets. Subscriptions are smaller lists taken from your larger list. For example, a list of buyers taken from your list of leads is a signature. Or the list of buyers of a particular product that stands out from your list of buyers may be a signature.

Use these sub-lists for targeted marketing campaigns that promote a particular product based on your past behavior. These companies usually get much better performance than other conventional e-companies because they target specific subscribers.

Monetize the list with affiliate offers

Once you have created the list of buyers, you can monetize these lists with additional offers for Forex partners. Affiliate offers give you the opportunity to increase profits per subscriber on your list. The best strategy is to choose offers that will help your subscribers and will be a natural extension of your main product. For example, the Forex Beginners Home Study course offer is a great addition to the Forex Robot or EA buyer list.

Upload a year to stay in the spotlight

The email answering machine market is a sequence. Your goal should be at least 2-3 times a month in front of members of the list with relevant content. You want to be the first person your prospect thinks about when he has a question or problem in the Forex market. I encourage you to create a 52-week schedule that is loaded with a combination of additional affiliate offers, training articles, and advice on using your product.

The hardest part of answering email marketing begins. Take just one of the tactics detailed in this article and put it into action. Once you’ve done that, move on to the next one. Soon you will have a targeted strategy that will allow you to monetize your list and build a profitable relationship with your prospects and buyer lists.