Lagos Museums and Art Centers

Visiting museums, galleries and art centers is a great way to get a deeper understanding of Nigeria’s beautiful cultural values ​​and history. Tourists fly to Lagos via Lagos, and should plan a visit to take a look at the history and customs of Nigeria. The museums of Lagos take you back in the centuries of history since Lagos was ruled by various royal forces and military dictators. Lagos art centers and galleries are considered one of the most magnificent centers in Africa.

National Museum: The National Museum is located in the city center, near the island of Lagos on Awolowo Road. Exclusive Nigeria is impressed by its extensive collection of art and monuments. Those who make cheap flights to Lagos should visit the museum. Some of the statuettes date back to prehistoric times and have often been studied as part of African historical research. The most valued properties are terra-cotta and bronze production and ivory bronze carvings. Many of the works of art here were produced during the reign of the kings of Benin. The museum also organizes special tours for creative exhibitions such as ‘Treasures of Ancient Nigeria’ and ‘Heritage of Two Thousand Years’.

Nike Art Center: Located on Lekki Road, the center is the most compelling source for traditional African art and craftsmanship in Nigeria. Some of his exhibitions have uncovered works of several hundred years and demonstrated how a few flights of Africa to Lagos art have met modern, European rules. One segment is dedicated to explaining how inks and stains finally turn into fabric dyes.

A small part of the center demonstrates the practice of stone carving used by members of the ancient African tribe. The most popular section features beadwork by local artisans and various patterned and inexpensive flights to Lagos metalwork.