The capital of Ghana

Accra is the capital of the nation on the west coast of Africa, Ghana. The city of Accra is divided into two parts, the Greater Accra and the Accra Metropolis. Accra is the economic, administrative and communication center of Ghana. About 70% of the country’s production capacity is located in this region. Accra has been the capital of Ghana since 1877. Historic public buildings demonstrate the city’s transition from the 19th century to the modern metropolis.

The sights of Accra are the National Theater with unparalleled and modern architecture, the National Museum with exhibits showing the heritage of Ghana from ancient times to modern times, and the National Art Center with arts and crafts to suit every taste. Kwame Nkrumah Tomb, Independence Square, Accra International Conference Center, Makola Market and Fishing Port in Jamestown.

Historically, Accra is known to have been founded by the Ga people in the 14th century. Historically, Accra also served as a trading center for the Portuguese, and at that time they built a small castle in the city. However, this city was under the influence of other European peoples at different times, such as Sweden, France, the Netherlands, Denmark and England, and these nations also built the castle of Accra.

Currently, Accra has emerged as a developed city around the original Ga settlement. British, Dutch and Danish castles and neighboring communities are also an integral part of modern Accra. The city is spread along the Atlantic coast with the great value of luxury hotels, nightclubs and restaurants with a spectacular view of the coast. A wide range of excellent public monuments, shopping malls and museums. There is so much to explore as markets and wood-style living spaces.