Hotel Gimmicks and Marketing

It is no secret that hotels need promotions and marketing to bring their brands to market and gain new customers. Still, there are some hotels that go beyond the usual type of advertising that most people expect. So let’s take a look at some hotel examples that make different efforts to stand out from the crowd under the guise of good old marketing to attract people.

When it comes to tricks, a city always comes to mind. Las Vegas, otherwise known as Sin City, is due to all the gambling and other things going on in the strip and surrounding areas. The city’s hotels, from the magnificent hotels with their own high-end casinos to the smallest motels, all have tricks that try to attract the amazed guest.

Caesar’s Palace, perhaps, represents the charming Las Vegas hotels with Roman-themed landscapes and architecture and a huge main water fountain. The luxury hotel also has a post-Coliseum entertainment space, among other sub-spaces. Called the Colosseum at the Palace of the Foolish Caesar, this house hosted guests such as Celine Dion, Bette Midler, Elton John and Cher.

On the opposite shore, there is a 198-room facility called Donovan House, which has a kind of CIA theme. After all, the hotel is named after Major General William Joseph “Wild Bill” Donova, who heads the US Bureau of Strategic Services. OSS was ahead of the CIA, so Donovan is considered the father of the CIA. The theme of Donovan House includes watchmakers for hotel staff and spiral showers in the cocoon – alludes to things that secret agents have probably pinched.

Another hotel marketing trick is the cheese-covered hotel room at the Washington Jefferson Hotel in New York. To create a tourist attraction, the hotel manager hired an artist to completely decorate a room with 1,000 pounds of melted cheese. Yep and this is cheese directly from the Swiss Cheese Fund. Now a room with cheese.

Go to Europe for a scary and strange trick: the Vampire Room at the Propeller Island Hotel in Berlin, Germany. As the name suggests, this room was probably best rented by people like Lestat or Edward Cullen. There are several coffins in the room for people to sleep in, and there are even crosses engraved on the coffin covers! If you are not into this subject, the hotel is also a Cage Room where you can do some research in the comfort of two raised cages.

All over the world, there are many different hotels that offer different types of attractions and tricks. With so many hotels breaking the point of the planet, it is a must to be able to think of something unique in order to attract guests. It works for the hotel and also for guests who are experiencing something unusual. The next time you book a hotel, see if you can find one with a theme or rooms with a unique design, so you get a fairly refreshing hotel experience.