List of the top 10 most expensive hotels in the world

Looking for the top 10 hotels in the world that provide the most luxurious stay? Well, the search ends here. Below is a list of the most expensive hotels in the world where you can spend your dream vacation:

• President Wilson Hotel, Geneva: When it comes to the most luxurious and expensive hotel suites in the world, President Wilson Hotel is always at the top of the list. You will have to spend about $ 53,000 to stay in this dreamy space with a specially designed and decorated bedroom, living room, bathroom and cocktail lounge.

• Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas: Located in the beautiful city of Las Vegas, Palms Casino Resort is the second most luxurious hotel in the world. The magnificent infrastructure and excellent services of the resort make it a magnificent luxury place, and you would want to spend $ 40,000 to spend a night here.

• Westin Excelsior Hotel, Rome: The third luxury hotel in the world is the Westin Excelsior Hotel in Rome. If you’re willing to spend $ 25,000 a day, you can definitely expect to experience the best services.

• Palms Hotel, Las Vegas: One of the richest hotels in the world. Palm Hotel Luxury offers certain exclusive opportunities that you want to enjoy. If you spend one night here, you will get about $ 25,000.

• Plaza Hotel, New York: One of the best hotels in the world offering the best services available to its guests. If you want the best accommodation, high-quality food and all modern facilities here, then be prepared to spend $ 20,000 a day.

• Martinez Hotel, Cannes: Located near the Gulf of Cannes, the Martinez Hotel is the 6th most expensive hotel in the world. It boasts both beautiful architecture and works of art, and it’s really worth spending $ 18,000 a night to stay here.

• Ritz Paris Hotel, Paris: While compiling a list of the 10 most expensive hotels in the world, we can’t leave out the highly decorated Ritz Paris Hotel. Enjoy first-class service at this juicy hotel with a charm of $ 17,500 per day.

• Burj-AL-Arab Hotel, Dubai: If you want to have a beautiful design in the most expensive hotel design in the world for a day or two, you should go to Burj-AL-Arab. It is the 4th tallest hotel in the world and can accommodate guests for $ 15,000 per day.

• Lanesborough Hotel, London: While there are many hotels in London that offer a spectacular royal experience, none can be compared to the 5-star Lanesborough Hotel. You have to pay at least $ 14,500 per night to enjoy elegant furniture, stunning room interiors and great amenities.

• Peninsula Hotel, Hong Kong: Hong Kong Peninsula Hotel, ranked 10th on the list, is the most expensive hotel in the world. If you spend $ 5,000 a night, you can stay in this stunning 30-story building and enjoy the breathtaking view of the world-famous Victoria Port next to the island of Hong Kong.

With this special list of the world’s top 10 hotels offering the most luxurious stay, you can easily find and enjoy your next destination for a spectacular vacation.