How to find a hotel deal this summer


Hotels are the last to-do list when planning a summer vacation. This is not a good approach, especially if you are traveling with a family because good hotels are booked in advance. You can get stuck with a badly managed hotel.

Spring is the busiest holiday season in the US and I felt it was important to share some tips on booking a hotel for summer holidays.

Most vacationers are looking for newer and more luxurious hotels, while older traditional hotels with better customer service are available for cheaper prices. I recently helped a client book a 100-year-old hotel in Los Angeles. The price was 25% less than a new hotel. He was pleased with his stay and said that the delegation had told him many interesting stories of former celebrities.

Hotels near the popular tourist destination are always more expensive and more crowded. Recently I went on a family vacation in Las Vegas, half a mile from the famous strip, but booked a more comfortable, cheaper and more comfortable hotel. We didn't have to deal with depressed drunken couples because they lost at casinos.

Weekend prices are cheaper than weekly rates for hotels. The reason is that many business travel book hotels have business days on weekdays. On the other hand, hotels sell their properties for weekly business trips. If you want to save money, it's better to book a hotel for the weekend.

If you book a hotel with a car, you can save even more because travel services companies like GetUSAHotels can get bulk discounts on package sales. Do your own math and if you think you can get a better hotel for the same price, this is not a good deal.

There is no specific formula for saving travel, but with a little effort you can make your trip enjoyable, comfortable and economical.

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