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Guns, drugs and bandidos: inside the favela too violent for Rio's armed police

Guns, drugs and bandidos: inside the favela too violent for Rio's armed police
Outsiders rarely come to this lawless favela – a centre of the drugs trade in Rio de Janeiro – and the armed bandidos who guard the area from police raids and rival gangs had been monitoring my approach for miles. As our car wound through the narrow …
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American Airlines plane's tyres burst while landing at Rio de Janeiro airport
An American Airlines plane carrying about 200 people suffered four blown tyres when it landed safely at one of South America's busiest airports this week. The Boeing 767-300 had just touched down at Rio de Janeiro/Galeao-Antonio Carlos Jobim …
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Strip Scribbles: Ben Vaughn's new downtown restaurant; Canon USA benefit
25 YEARS: Congratulations to the Rio celebrating its silver anniversary with events throughout January, gift giveaways and yearlong specials. It opened its doors on Jan. 15, 1990. A 25th anniversary Rio Rita bobble head locals giveaway will be …
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Rio Tinto takes more
Rio Tinto was again bargain-hunting today, taking a couple more capes. A Bocimar ship and a Clearlake relet were fixed in Dampier for Qingdao at $ 4.65 and $ 4.70 per tonne. Dong-A Tanker also fixed on the Australia to China route, paying $ 4.90 per tonne …
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Rio Open to feature four of world's top 20 players
Nadal, who won the inaugural edition of the Rio Open in 2014 by defeating Ukraine's Alexandr Dolgopolov, will once again headline the tournament to be played on outdoor clay courts at the exclusive Jockey Club in Rio de Janeiro's tony Gavea district, …

Ralph Porch, longtime Rio Grande firefighter, dies at 77
Porch started his fire service as a junior firefighter in Stone Harbor, and joined the Rio Grande Fire Department in 1961 where he served for 54 years. Porch was chief of the fire department for 17 years in four different decades – 1966-69, 1977 and …
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Overnight Water Valve Work to Cause Minor Interruptions

Overnight Water Valve Work to Cause Minor Interruptions
The maintenance will start at 10 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 9 and end at approximately 8 a.m. Saturday, Jan. 10. Residents living in the area west of North Expressway 77 from Stovall Road to Rio Vista Avenue may experience a temporary water interruption.
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Stats suggest QPR are right to keep Rio Ferdinand benched
Queens Park Rangers saw their capture of Rio Ferdinand in the summer of 2014 make plenty of positive headlines, and rightly so. A man with 81 England caps to his name and a winner of 11 major honours during a successful 12-year stint at Manchester …
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International Wine and Jazz Fest in Florianópolis, Jan 7th-11th

International Wine and Jazz Fest in Florianópolis, Jan 7th-11th
RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – With more than sixty blues and jazz musicians and entertainers performing live and more than one hundred labels of wine from twenty countries available during testing events, the 1st Festival Internacional de Vinhos e Jazz (The …
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Rio looks better short-term bet
FOR investors considering a move into the resources sector after last year's swoon, Rio Tinto may be a better bet than BHP Billiton, due to divergent movements in commodity prices, potential takeover activity and greater confidence around Rio's …
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Rio record watch: first athlete to win medals at 7 Olympics?

Rio record watch: first athlete to win medals at 7 Olympics?
The Netherlands can send up to four dressage riders to Rio 2016. Van Grunsven still spends days at her barn, training younger athletes and riding for fun. She will go to Rio — at the urging of her 10-year-old son — but perhaps only as a spectator. If …

Budget hotels account for nearly two thirds of the UK’s top 10 brands, with the Q1 2017 hotel bulletin.
nearby hotels
The data published by HVS, AlixPartners AM: PM and STR showed that in the first quarter 64% of the rooms in the country were delivered to the budget of hotel chains.

With regard to the active bedroom pipeline, Premier Inn and Travelodge made 52% of all branded rooms in the UK’s top 10 and were the two fastest developing brands.
Political playmaker gets hefty raise
A Rio Arriba County employee with a questionable work history received a hefty pay raise Nov. 9, that nearly doubles his salary. La Arbolera Community Center employee Elias Fresquez received an $ 8.25 per hour pay raise, from $ 11 per hour to $ 19.25 per …
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A vacation has different meanings to various people. Some people see a vacation as an opportunity to change their surroundings or even as a

change of weather. bargain vacation But for some select few, a vacation is a chance that will permit

them to unwind and simply relax to enjoy the pleasures of their yearlong hard work. It is precisely for this reason that they like to

splurge on all the luxuries for themselves during their vacation and luxury vacation rentals allow you to do exactly that.

Saving money for a long-term rental vacation or transition into life in a different country is essential. We can’t always plan for events or

situations that inevitably crop up that cost us money we may not have – saving money before you leave for your long-term trip will ensure

that you have a bit of a financial safety net in the event of an emergency.
cheap family vacation packages
There are many ways to save money for a long-term rental experience, most of which can be utilized before you even leave home. One common

money saving tip is to budget your monthly expenses, and take that money out of the bank in cash. Paying cash makes it easier for you to

track how much money you spend every day as you are physically handing over bills and coins. When you get home, transfer the loose change

you have from the day into a jar. Although it may not seem like much, all this can add up!

Nowadays, a number of travellers are availing flights from Washington to Hyderabad, using this easily-available combination. Virgin Atlantic

operates the flight of Singapore Airlines from Washington to London and from there, the latter company operates its onward flights under its

own banner. The Singapore-based aviation company first served fliers between its primary hub and Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. Now,

it has a fleet of over 100 aircraft, including Airbus A380s, and it flies to over 60 international and domestic cities. It is one of the few

airlines to offer four classes, instead of the usual three; offering Suites along with the First, Business and Economy Classes.
Family Travel On A Budget
Classes and Amenities

All Suites have sliding doors, window blinds, proper beds unlike those, which are formed when the seats recline, pillows, 23-inch screens,

USB ports and individual power supplies. It’s First Class has seats that recline to form 35-inch wide and 82-inch long beds, comfortable

cushions and hand rests, adjustable lighting, 24-inch LCD TVs, headphones, HDMI and USB ports. Seats, foldable into 28-inch wide and 78-inch

long beds, cushioned headboard, side-slots, power supply, connectivity ports and LCD screens are featured in the Business Class option.

A growing number of brands are learning that videos are a great way of making sure that they are engaging with their audience. Whether that

means maintaining a YouTube channel for your brand, sharing videos via your social media accounts or maybe embedding them into your blog

post or marketing emails – one thing is certain, video marketing is something that you cannot ignore!
vimeo to mp3
Breathing Some Life Into Your Social Media Strategy

No-one questions the need for social media as part of your marketing strategy, but now that everyone is using it there is a great deal of

competition and it is increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd. However, by introducing video content to supplement your tweets

and status updates you can grab your reader’s attention helping them to engage with your content. YouTube actually out performs Twitter,

Facebook and Pinterest in terms of retaining the attention of visitors with the average visitor spending almost 5 minutes per visit on the

site. Over on Instagram, the video posts are enjoying double the engagement of photos.

In this article, I will share with you tips on how to become a successful affiliate marketer, but from a basketball coach perspective.

Last year, my little boy decided he wanted to play basketball with his friends in the Preston City league games. He had his form all filled

out and then at the last moment, I decided that I would coach his team. I thought this was going to be easy and that we would have a winning

season, I was wrong. I had forgotten that 4th and 5th grade boys love chaos in their games. As a coach, I did my very best to instill

learning and discipline at every practice, but all I get from them is complaining and whining. For new internet marketers who are just

getting into the game of affiliate marketing, you may not realize this, but sooner or later, chaos will creep in and wreak havoc on your

marketing career if you do not have a game (business) plan. For example, this is how chaos can ruin your plans:

Marketing is an important function of any business enterprise. Marketing increases the reach of the company’s product and contributes

directly to the top line revenues of the company. With the advent and penetration of the internet, online marketing has emerged as an

important tool. Today, no organisation can afford to ignore an online presence for itself and its product.
Top Affiliate Marketing Forums
Online marketing is a very efficient method of marketing. At minimal cost, a wide reach can be ensured. With a well-designed website and

good presentation, online marketing uses web and email to drive sales via electronic commerce. It is mostly used in conjunction with

traditional marketing like advertisements in radio, television and newspapers. Online marketing can be of three types – web marketing, email

marketing and social media marketing.

A website or a webpage is the online address of any individual or organisation. Just as we keep our physical brick and mortar addresses

clean and as attractive and as comfortable as possible, we must keep our online address also attractive and inviting. Visitors must be led

to the website and after one visit must desire to visit it again and again. Therefore a great deal of care must be taken in how the website

is designed and displayed. It is one of the important things to remember.
Web Studio

Designing a website involves multiple skills – graphics, art, design, written content or text, interface design, coding, proprietary

software and search engine optimisation. While it is possible for a single individual to undertake the entire work of designing a website,

often a team of individuals with different skills work together in designing a website. Web design usually refers to the design of the front

end of the website only, though it may overlap with other areas such as networking and web engineering.

The Bitcoin economy is increasing at a rapid rate, as more and more startups enter the sphere and try to offer traditional services but

using Bitcoins. You have everything from a marketplace of books aka Amazon style but only in Bitcoins to advertising platforms similar to

Google AdSense but in the Bitcoin economy. As Bitcoin goes more mainstream, these are only going to increase in number and scope, thus

presenting a wonderful opportunity to get on board with this at an early stage.
bitcoin price
The big advantage of entering the Bitcoin economy now is that you’ll get in on this technology at the ‘innovator stage’ and you’ll have the

opportunity to be one of the leaders. Businesses that operate in the current Bitcoin economy also enjoy a free publicity of their business

within the Bitcoin community. Everything from gyft that accepts Bitcoins to purchase store gift cards to EVR bar that became popular in the

highly competitive bar and lounge scene in New York by accepting Bitcoin as payment currency for drinks.

Fleas belong to the insect order Siphonaptera. They are common pests and may attack many mammals, including man. They can be a year round

problem because they infest not only pets but also the home of the owner. Because of this, treatment of the pet alone may only temporarily

solve a flea infestation.
dog flea and tick
Although many species of fleas feed primarily on one type of animal, the common cat and dog flea will readily take blood from a variety of

animals, including man. Flea infestations of pets and their homes will most likely involve the cat flea, Ctenocephalides felis and

occasionally the dog flea, C. canis.

If you book your holiday with the family, a friend tells you about an affordable option they enjoyed last summer, but because you have never used the

all-inclusive family vacation resorts in the past, you have absolutely no idea what to look for or expect.

It is important before you make your search that you are aware that not every seaside resort of the same family packages will offer start. Therefore, the


inclusive family resort package your friend took advantage of may differ from the packages that you’re going to look at.

The first thing you should know is that an all-inclusive family resort all you need to eat during your stay. This is why they as beneficial as they can

save a considerable amount of money in the long run and help your travel budget go further than you imagined. Will some of these places

a selection of family-friendly restaurants, so you’re not forced to eat in the same restaurant, enjoy the same cuisine night after night.

This gives you the freedom to try a variety of restaurants from around the world every night with ease.

If you have found a package deal, then the chances are that your flights will also be included. This saves you time, energy and money. If you book

just the resort, then you still have to waste precious time shopping around for flights. You need to flights that meet your specific dates

find and because you’re not flexible with these data may be, it is possible to see that you pay a higher premium. Finding a package deal

removes the stress and offers flights and accommodation for a convenient and affordable prices.

When booking an all-inclusive family resort your accommodation will be included. The accommodation will be provided according to your size

of the family. This is a convenient way to travel to ensure that you have your own space and the children have their own bedroom and space.

Most of these resorts can be family rooms, which reduces the risk of all of you offer on top of each other in a tight space. The rooms

mostly spacious and well furnished, allowing you to stretch out a little and enjoy the holiday experience to the fullest.

cheap all inclusive vacation packages

Most all-inclusive resorts offer family will enjoy an array of on-site activities for the entire family. This can range from swimming pools to mini golf

courses and zip lining for water parks and much more. The good news is that if the kids love the activities and want to enjoy it day after day, you do not

worry because it’s all included in the price, which in turn helps reduce your budget that little bit further.

Most of these resorts offer fun activities and programs for children, which are designed to give the adults time to relax and breathe. You can take the kids

back in a day camp where they enjoy a variety of creative projects, giving you time to lie by the pool and enjoy the sun or spend the afternoon sightseeing

and enjoy sights that you know your children would have hated and made it very uncomfortable for you.

In addition to this, the resorts cater to children of all ages. This means that they run a large number of different programs in order to cater to any age

group. There are fun creative games for younger children, stories and even mini-shows and then there are great experiences for the older children.

Get Cheap Airfare!

An amount of money saved on air travel can be a good deal if you have a fixed budget for your vacation. If you try to think of ways to save money on air

travel; Here are five different ways to get cheap flights for your next flight.

1. Buy a return ticket

Possibly the easiest way to save and keep more money in your pocket a little longer to purchase a round-trip ticket. Most airlines offer reduced prices for

round-trip tickets in comparison with the purchase of a separate and for tickets. If you plan to return by a certain date, be sure you may buy your tickets

as far in advance to make sure your flight will be available.

There are also some cases in which travel on weekdays is cheaper than traveling on weekends. Weekends are much busier than weekdays and the demand for

tickets is higher. So prices are higher on weekends and also on specific dates where demand is high, such as during a holiday season. If you think it’s

better for you to travel on a weekday and return on a weekday, you can really cheap airline tickets.

2. use of the Internet

The internet is great resource if you want to find really cheap airline tickets. While reading this article, you can create pages Varezo “Cheap Airlines

Tickets” open and find your way to cheap airline tickets. There you different discount ticket sites that offer really cheap flights to study anywhere in the


cheap airline tickets
The prices of tickets on discount ticket sites vary from day to day. On many occasions, these discount ticket sites offer the same type of ticket on the

same day to the same destination with different prices. If you want to get really cheap air ticket where you want to go, it pays to visit for at least 3

discount ticket sites and compare prices. Do not wait until your flight such as prices and availability change rapidly books.

3. Shop Smaller Airlines

The major airlines offer great service to large customers. They have expensive ticket prices due to the amount of advertising and marketing they need to do

to maintain their reputation. Try not to fly with them. Instead, look for smaller carriers that can provide a good service, but at lower ticket prices.

4. Flexible

If you’re not in a hurry and want to save money more than keep your options open travel time. Consider later or earlier during the day even arrive or depart

on different days. Flights arriving and separating around midnight are generally cheaper those with connecting flights. Compare different travel date / time

variations, so cheap flights that can accommodate discovered for your travel budget.

5. Plan For longer travel

Many times, it is cheaper to take a bus from one city to another, and then take the flight from there than it is to fly directly from your city to your

destination. For example, if you are traveling from San Diego to Seattle. Try a bus from San Diego to Los Angeles then take a plane from LA to Seattle. Or,

if you want to go a little further, a bus ride from San Diego to Sacramento, take a plane there. Chances are you have a lot of money before you know it!

These are just five ways to get cheaper airfares. If you really want to get cheap cheap airline ticket, explore more opportunities like buying a vacation

packages, discounts and accept courier flights. This way, you will no longer have to pay full price the next time you travel by air. Be creative and

flexible; You will find cheaper airfares!

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Political playmaker gets hefty raise
A Rio Arriba County employee with a questionable work history received a hefty pay raise Nov. 9, that nearly doubles his salary. La Arbolera Community Center employee Elias Fresquez received an $ 8.25 per hour pay raise, from $ 11 per hour to $ 19.25 per …
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Bianca Del Rio talks Beyoncé
Del Rio was one of the last people featured on the late Joan Rivers' “In Bed With Joan” Web series. She was named best new television personality at the NewNowNext Awards, made the Out 100 list of definitive LGBT performers and was the subject of a …
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Rio will be ready, says Paralympic president

Rio will be ready, says Paralympic president
2014 was full of questions about Rio's readiness to host the Olympic and Paralympic Games but, according to International Paralympic Committee (IPC) president Sir Philip Craven, people can afford to relax in the knowledge that the city will deliver on …
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Northern Rio Grande Tournament: Escalante boys defeat Dulce 62-46
Northern Rio Grande Tournament: Pecos girls defeat Mora, 51-43. “Honestly, I'd rather win ugly,” Pecos senior wing Ida Valencia said after Pecos, the No. 2 seed in the tournament, advanced to its second str… Updated: 12:12 am; Comments (0) …
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Jordyn Wieber not planning on Rio Olympics, report says
Wieber, 19 and a Michigan native, hasn't competed since she won gold as part of the 2012 U.S. Olympic team. In July, she said she was still deciding on her gymnastics future, while a student at UCLA. She is not eligible to compete collegiately, since …

Will Bellator sign former WWE star Alberto del Rio now that UFC has signed CM

Will Bellator sign former WWE star Alberto del Rio now that UFC has signed CM
Weeks after UFC announced it would be signing Phil “CM Punk” Brooks, who left WWE amid various complaints, including medical negligence, earlier this year, Bellator announced it's been talking to Alberto del Rio, who the WWE fired in August after he …
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Rousseff Completes Cabinet Nominations for Second Term
A few nominations surprised the financial sector, non-governmental organizations as well as government allies. By Lise Alves, Senior Contributing Reporter. SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL – Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff announced Wednesday, December 31st, …
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Police shoot, kill armed robbery suspect at Rio
A man who Las Vegas police believe to be responsible for a string of armed robberies at casinos was shot and killed at the Rio by Metro detectives early Sunday morning. (Kimber Laux/Las Vegas Review-Journal) …
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Rio 2016 preparations threatened by "political" Sports Ministerial appointment
Hilton will be responsible for helping to organise the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, while Rebelo, a member of the Communist Party of Brazil who was in charge of the preparations for the successful 2014 FIFA World Cup, will move to the Ministry of Science …
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